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Did you know that Americans use about 800 million gallons of gasoline to power their lawn and garden equipment each and every year!  Over 54 million Americans or approximately 80% of homes mow, weed eat, and tend to their lawns each year!

Despite their small engines, lawn mowers and weed eaters are some of the least fuel efficient engines in the world and according to the EPA they account for over 5% of the nations air pollution!

The reason is that up until 2008, internal combustion lawn and garden tools have been unregulated and current regulations are not set to start in until 2011 and you can start saving money and the environment now!

While the regulations are a good start, they will do nothing about current lawn equipment. In addition, they are estimated to cut about 35% of current emissions. This is great, but there are alternatives and steps you can take to cut your emissions by a full 100%!

So What are the Alternatives?

Reduce Your Lawn Footprint

The fact is that the majority of Americans do not require a gas power mower or weed eater because the average lawn size is 1/5 to 1/3 of an acre. With this relatively small space, most Americans can manage with battery powered electric tools.

The reason why many choose the gas alternative is simply because electric options are not as readily available at most home centers and electric options are deemed inferior and most importantly, a lack of education. GreenGarden.org is dedicated to educating the average person on how they can save money and the environment with gas alternatives.

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